Midi Lockers


Premier Lockers is the industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of quality Midi Lockers.


  • Welded frames and cross supports provide strength and stability.
  • Perimeter door surround prevents the doors from being forced inwards.
  • Various configurations.
  • Concealed hinging system.
  • Wall mounting facility.
  • Small Compartment Size – 117H x 156W x 300D
  • Large Compartment Size – 117H x 356W x 300D

Midi Lockers from Premier Lockers, Australia’s leading and trusted Midi Locker supplier and manufacturer.

We have warehouses in all major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart. Whether you are metro or regional we can deliver Midi Lockers to your door at competitive rates.

Site Visit, Delivery & Installation:

  • Site Visit Required
  • Delivery Only
  • Delivery & Installation


  • 4 Small Compartments – 600H x 200W x 300D
  • 8 Small Compartments – 600H x 402W x 300D
  • 12 Small Compartments – 600H x 604W x 300D
  • 16 Small Compartments – 600H x 806W x 300D
  • 20 Small Compartments – 600H x 1008W x 300D
  • 24 Small Compartments – 600H x 1210W x 300D
  • 4 Small & 4 Large Compartments – 600H x 602W x 300D
  • 4 Small & 8 Large Compartments – 600H x 1004W x 300D
  • 8 Small & 4 Large Compartments – 600H x 804W x 300D
  • 8 Small & 8 Large Compartments – 600H x 1206W x 300D
  • 12 Small & 4 Large Compartments – 600H x 1006W x 300D
  • 16 Small & 4 Large Compartments – 600H x 1208W x 300D
  • 4 Large Compartments – 600H x 400W x 300D
  • 8 Large Compartments – 600H x 802W x 300D
  • 12 Large Compartments – 600H x 1204W x 300D

Locking Type:

  • Key Locking
  • Provision For Padlock
  • Digital Code Locking
  • 4Digit Combination Locking


  • Numbered Plaques

Colour Chart


Anotec Grey

Anotec White

APO Grey

Black Matt

Black Satin

Blaze Blue

Canola Cream


Dark Violet

Doe Skin

Flame Red

Horizon Blue

Lemon Yellow

Light Grey



Moss Vale Sands


Notre Damn

Ocean Mist

Off White

Orange X15


Pearl White

Pommel Blue

Rivergum Beige

Safety Orange


White Satin